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Sign up for the Co-participation x Sustainability conference

Last year we organized a sustainability conference with much success together with the co-participation bodies of Leiden University.

We want to continue this conversation; this year in person on November 19th at 13:00PM-15:30PM. Be there if you’re in the University council, Faculty Council or Program committee (OLC) and want to talk with the board about sustainability. 

During your year in co-participation, you will be discussing and planning along with the Program Boards, the Faculty Boards or the Executive Board about various things. Some of you will deal with the quality and the contents of education, others will focus on budgets and some will have to discuss plans for the near and far future (or, all of the above!). All these topics could (and must?!) include sustainability on some level, and that is where you come in!

To help you on your way, the Leiden University Green Office (LUGO) and the University Council (UR) together organize a conference where sustainability and co-participation will meet! What can you do in your position when it concerns sustainability? What part does sustainability play in your education? Do you have plans to, for example, make your faculty more sustainable? And do you know how to present these plans and get them going? 

Interested? Follow this link and be there on the 19th of November at 13:00PM! 

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