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Green Paper

What role should the university play in the climate crisis?

The Green Office set out to write a Green Paper on how the University can have a meaningful role in preserving a sustainable world through education, research, social impact, and its own operations. The Green Paper is presented free of charge to teachers, people in management, co-participation bodies, and those interested. We invite you to have a pleasent read yourself!


Shortened version: Dutch / English  

Full version: Dutch / English

Leiden University Green Office and Goodrise executed a survey about societal topics in education. We asked students from all faculties to give their opinion aoout sustainability in their education and to what extent it should be integrated, and how. Many thanks for all the 550+ students that filled in the survey! Have a look at the summary of the survey results to see what fellow students think of sustainability in their programme/faculty. The summary of this survey will be attached to the Green Paper as the results correlate with our future vision of education at Leiden University. 

LUGO presents the Green Paper

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