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Anti-cigarette litter campaign

Everyone knows smoking is unhealthy, but did you also know that smoking is not good for the environment? In parternship with UFB, we are organising a number of action days to pick up cigarette butts, hand out sustainable ashtrays and inform people about how they can smoke more sustainably!

Did you know that every cigarette that is produced uses about 4L of water, emits 14 grams of CO2, as well as uses 3.5 grams of oil! Not very sustainable! Furthermore, cigarettes are often not disposed of properly, causing a lot of litter. Cigarette butts are thrown everywhere, such as in the canals, on the street, or in the sewers. We also notice this problem at the University. As we have a Smoke-Free Campus, we understand that people still need to smoke somewhere. The problem we have is that people smoke right in front of the building, with as a consequence that loads of cigarette butts are littered in front of the building. 

We want to solve this problem by handing out sustainable ashtrays and picking up cigarette butts. Everyone who joins us receives a reward and discount in the canteen of the respective building! 

Below, a schedule of the action days!

  Morning (10:00-12:30) Afternoon (13:30-16:00)
Wed 13 Sept WSD (Lipsius, P.J.Veth) WSD (Reuvens, Arsenaal)
Fri 15 Sept UB (Zuid) KOG
Wed 20 Sept WH, SBS  
Fri 22 Sept PdlC Van Steenis

So what are you waiting for? Join us! You can sign up HERE.

You can sign up for a specific day and time, or multiple if you like. Don't worry, you don't have to be there for the whole two and a half hours, an hour is plenty! 

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