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Winter School a success!

Nine participants attended the Winter School, two weeks of intensive training in Digital Visual Engagements in Anthropological Research.

Coming from Belgium, Ghana, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden. The Masters and PhD candidates in the universities of Bologna, Gothenburg, Kaunas, Leiden, Louvain, Tromsø, Turin and Utrecht committed to two weeks of intensive training in Digital Visual Engagements in Anthropological Research.

Rashida Alhassan Adum-Atta, Simone de Boer, Luca Di Clemente, Gabrielle Fenton, Živilė Miežytė, Ginevra Montefusco, Carolina Nemethy, Isotta Rossoni, and Hanna Wernersson attended five days of intensive theory and hands-on training organized in six interactive modules: Interactive documentary and Multimodal ethnography (taught by Federico De Musso), Ethics and informed consent (taught by Cristina Grasseni),  Positionality and collaboration in the field (taught by Maria Vasile), Photography in Ethnography (taught by Ola Gracjasz), and Multi-methods focus groups (taught by Vincent Walstra). Then the students enjoyed three days of shooting and visits in the field – some of which were facilitated by the team or organized by the students in collaboration with gardeners, market vendors, farmers and wild gastronomy chefs in South Holland. We wish to thank for their availability and for welcoming our students: Rotterdamse Oogst, GroenGoed and Markthal in Rotterdam, and, in and around Leiden: Vrienden van het Singelpark, Vrij Groen, Het Zoete Land, Kruidenprikkels and Boerderij Boterhuys.

The second week of school included a collective feedback session on the methods used, reflecting on the experience of fieldwork with a camera; then supervision and editing/coding work in pairs and small groups, to produce four interactive digital documentaries. The i-docs were presented as part of the Food Citizens? conference on Friday 4th February, in a session chaired and discussed by Federico De Musso and Sander Hölsgens, who both teach at the Visual Ethnography specialisation of the Leiden Master programme in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology. Here is a drawn postcard illustrated by the Winter School cohort as a token of their collaborative thinking and making.


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