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This page features an overview of relevant lectures, publications and conference papers.


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Lectures and Presentations

Gracjasz, A. January 2019. 'Food Citizens? Collective food procurement in European cities: solidarity and diversity, skills and scale. Case study of Gdańsk.’ Seminar presentation at Warsaw University, Warsaw.

Grasseni C. December 2018. Food Citizens? Collective food procurement in European cities: solidarity and diversity, skills and scale Invited talk at University of Oslo Department of Social Anthropology Research Seminar, Oslo.

Grasseni C. June 2018: Rethinking Skilled Visions: ethnographic perspectives on skill and solidarity in food activismInvited talk at the University of Gothenburg School of Global Studies Higher Seminar, Gothenburg.

Grasseni C. &  Smith, R. May 2018. Solidarity, Advice and Care in urban/rural food reconfigurations in Italy and Croatia. Invited conference paper at LSE/ESRC ‘Precarious states. Advice, governance and care in settings of austerity.

Vasile, M. April 2018. Agricoltori e governance del sistema alimentare locale. Il caso di Porto Alegre, Brasile. [Family farmers and governance of the local food system. The case of Porto Alegre, Brazil] Conference presentation at ‘Storie del Possibile’, Rome. 

Vasile, M. September 2018. “Identity-construction, mutual enskilment and political negotiation at the farmers’ market,.” Conference paper presented at Agriculture and Food in an urbanising society III. Porto Alegre, Brazil

Vasile, M. December 2018. "We want to be part of the broader project". Family farmers and local food governance in Porto Alegre, Brazil” Seminar at the University of Turin, Turin.

Walstra, V. August 2018. Reinventing urban agriculture: Experiencing the senses at the Koningshof in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Conference paper presented at EASA conference ‘Staying, Moving Settling’, Stockholm.

Smith, R.E. December 2018.Chains of debt: winemaking families and predatory business practices, contribution to ‘Household and personal debt: international perspectives,’ Roundtable at the Department of Anthropology, the London School of Economics (LSE), London.

Smith R.E. December. 2018. Chains of debt and the politics of liquidity in Croatia’s agribusiness sector,  Conference paper presented at ‘Corporate lives after socialism: theory and ethnography’, at the Association of Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies, Boston, MA.

Smith R.E. August 2018.  Wine is alive: Istrian cosmologies of winemaking. Conference paper presented at EASA conference ‘Staying, Moving Settling’, Stockholm.

Grasseni C. November 2017. Norms and alternatives: experimentations with collective food procurement. Keynote Lecture at the Annual Meeting of the Swiss Anthropological Association, Neuchatel.

Grasseni C. 30 October 2017. Ecology of vision and economy of citizenship: an anthropological perspective. Inaugural address at Leiden University, Leiden. 

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