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Food citizens?

Food as mediator of social relations

For a growing European urban population (80% by 2050), food is a mediator of relations within social networks, not only a commodity or nutrient. Eaters are not just consumers, but social actors whose meaning-making depends on faith, gender, age, income, kinship, and other sociocultural factors.

The ERC project 'Food citizens?' is a comparative analysis of a growing phenomenon in Europe: collective food procurement, namely networks of people who organize direct food production, distribution, and consumption.

This project studies in-depth nine cases of collective food procurement in Rotterdam, Turin, and Gdansk, asking to what extent collective food procurement networks indicate emerging forms of ‘food citizenship’, and what this might mean. Which, if any, practices and notions of civic participation, solidarity, and diversity do they use and produce? Which, if any, concomitant hegemonic notions of participation and belonging do they use and produce? – and either way, how?


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