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Related seminars and workshops

Leiden University hosts a wide range of seminars and workshops on themes related to European approaches to societal challenges. Some of these are listed below.

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The EU Governance Seminar is an interfaculty colloquium that aims to create a friendly platform for colleagues to present work-in-progress and receive feedback in an interdisciplinary setting. The seminar brings together people working on EU affairs from the Institute of Political Science, the Institute of Security and Global Affairs, the Institute of Public Administration, the Institute for History, Leiden University College, and the Europa Institute (part of the Institute of Public Law) - and is also open to other colleagues working on the EU.


The Diplomacy and Global Affairs (DGA) Research Seminar is a series launched by the Research Group on Diplomacy and Global Affairs at the Institute of Security and Global Affairs. The seminars of internationally acknowledged guest researchers and faculty members deal with current research topics in diplomacy, international relations, global affairs, and political economy broadly conceived and target a broad audience through their interdisciplinary focus.


GTGC explores how innovative policies and governance arrangements can address such global transformations in democratic, effective, fair, peaceful and sustainable ways. GTGC is based in The Hague, a world centre of global governance as well as political capital of the Netherlands. The GTGC programme brings together scholars from different faculties at Leiden University, working in highly interdisciplinary teams. Our projects also reach out to official agencies, civil society, media and local communities. We moreover develop courses for Leiden University’s teaching programmes, stimulating students to think creatively about addressing today’s world-scale changes.


The EU seminar is an opportunity for students of the MA International Relations/European Union Studies to meet experts from EU and international institutions and learn more about the current challenges the EU is facing. The EU Seminar brings to Leiden practitioners, officials of EU institutions, representatives of governments and non-governmental organisations, journalists and activists whose work is in some way related to the EU. These seminars complement our curriculum by highlighting issues and debates that are of current interest for the Union. They also offer students first-hand insights into the day-to-day work of people specializing in EU affairs in different sectors and institutions and a better understanding of the career paths that brought them there. EU Seminars are organized by the EUS track of MA IR programme, in cooperation with Huis van Europa, EU Parliament representative office in The Hague and the Alumni Relations Office at Leiden University Faculty of Humanities. In addition to regular talks by practitioners, under the umbrella of EU seminar we also organize occasional debates, round tables, alumni gatherings and study visits.

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