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In short: ten steps to the doctors degree

Orientation phase (+/- 3 months)

Step 1: The first meeting with the candidate is held on the basis of his or the first sketch of the dissertation plan as well as a CV and samples of written work. This is the initial assessment. The coaches of the Dual PhD Centre determine whether the plan can be carried out successfully.

Then exploration of the research theme follows, as well as required education and training. There should be an availability of 50% working time in continuous periods and other conditions for the dual dissertation trajectory. 

Pre-PhD Steps (1 year)

Step 2: Creation of a starting document by the PhD candidate with the main lines of the research proposal, a (provisional) choice of academic discipline and search for possible supervisor. There will be supervision by one of the coaches of the Centre.

Step 3: Agreement of the Centre’s director, employer and/or financiers with the PhD candidate's starting document. Decision by the Centre’s coaches to admit the candidate to the preparatory phase. A PhD work contract will be made up, signed by the candidate, his/her employer and the Centre’s director.

Step 4: Elaboration of starting document by PhD candidate into first chapter and/or article and/or plan for research proposal; first contact with intended supervisor. Education, training and coaching. Supervision by one of the coaches of the Centre. All the above cover at least one working day a week. Availability should grow to 50% of working hours during the PhD phase. Semi-annual formal evaluation with decision by Centre’s director on the continuation of the candidate.

Step 5: Agreement of the intended PhD supervisor with the PhD candidate's research plan and acceptance of candidate by the supervisor. Financers and/or employers also need to agree.

PhD phase (3 - 4 years)

Step 6Official appointment of supervisor by the Dean and registration as PhD candidate at a Leiden University graduate school. The dissertation phase consists takes at least one-two working days a week. There is supervision of the PhD candidate by the academic supervisor, supplemented by the coaches at the Centre.

Step 7: Each semester a formal evaluation with the academic supervisor and coach of the Centre on progress and results will follow. Special attention is paid to the use of time on the dissertation in combination with the professional practice. Where needed, arrangements are made regarding compensation for dissertation work, education, training, coaching and performance reviews.

Step 8: Approval of the dissertation manuscript by academic supervisor.

Step 9: Approval of the dissertation manuscript by reading committee.

Step 10: Defence and graduation.


Please note, our programme is based on frequent personal interaction, and is not meant to be a long distance PhD programme.  Our weekly (Friday) activities, meetings and courses are held on location (in The Hague) and are held in Dutch.


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