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Contract & costs

On this page information is available about the contract and costs of the dual PhD programme of the Dual PhD Centre.

PhD contract

You, the PhD candidate, sign a contract with your employer at the start of the pre-PhD phase. This contract is tailored to your individual requirements and circumstances. It supplements the general rules in the Leiden University PhD regulations


The fee for pursuing a PhD at the Dual PhD Centre is € 7500 per year and will be charged to the employer. No fee is charged for the orientation phase. As long as the capacity allows it, it is possible to participate on an individual basis (without support of the employer) in the dual PhD programme.

The Regional Knowledge Development Foundation supports dual PhD candidates financially when the PhD research has added value for the business community. The subsidy consists of the reimbursement of participation costs. Applications can be submitted via c.a.broeksma@fgga.leidenuniv.nl.

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