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We see it as our assignment to explicitly connect practice and science. We accomplish this through Dual PhD research.

The scientific research that we do is always the result of an understanding of important social or organizational challenges within a particular professional field. In this way we make a special contribution to the knowledge valorisation goal of the university: not only do we translate the results of research into practice, we also extract research questions directly from society. Naturally, we do not make concessions to the independence of science or to other scientific knowledge.

In many cases, doing PhD research is seen as a very meaningful process - PhD candidates acquire very high quality analytical and conceptual skills and develop into a 'thought leaders'. In addition, direct contact with a scientific community and access to the latest scientific insights is of great value to an employer. The combination of job-oriented research and the use of scientific knowledge leads to solutions of issues for civil society organizations, companies and sectors. The dual PhD candidate thus functions as a catalyst for innovation.

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