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The Brain and Education lab is a research group in the Institute of Education and Child Studies at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Our group is embedded in the Educational Sciences research program and the Leiden Institute of Brain and Cognition.

Principal Investigators

  • Linda van Leijenhorst Assistant Professor

    "My work draws from developmental psychology and cognitive neuroscience to better understand the development of high-level cognitive abilities (reasoning, memory and cognitive control) from childhood through early adulthood. My PhD and post-doctoral work examined how brain development and cognitive development contribute to the development of reasoning abilities and decision-making in adolescence. My current research examines individual differences in reasoning, cognitive control and memory in the context of reading comprehension. For more information, see my personal profile."

  • Dietsje Jolles Associate professor

    "In my work I take a developmental cognitive neuroscience approach to better understand learning and skill acquisition across development. My PhD and post-doctoral work examined the effects of cognitive training and academic tutoring on brain function and structure. My current research examines developmental and individual differences in learning and academic performance, in relation to differences in brain function, cognitive abilities, and prior experience. For more information, see my personal profile."

PhD Students

  • Advisors: Dietsje Jolles, Marian Hickendorff and Christine Espin 

Research Assistants

Master Students

  • Vibeke Nielsen
  • Julia Weening
  • Myrthe Vel Tromp
  • Caroline Elkhoury
  • Dionne Dhonre
  • Maartje Pel
  • Tess Dijkstra
  • Janneke Sillen
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