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The scientists at Babylab Leiden ensure that important knowledge is gathered about how babies learn to understand the world around them. Meet our Babylab Team and get to know our researchers!


  • Claartje Levelt Professor at the Centre for Linguistics

    Claartje Levelt is the head of the Lipsius location of the Babylab, and together with students from the Linguistics department she investigates how babies learn a language.

  • Szilvia Biro is the head and scientific coordinator of the Pieter de la Court site for the Babylab. Dr. Biro investigates social-cognitive development of infants and works with students from the Institute of Psychology and from the Institute of Child and Education.

  • Andreea Geambasu is the lab manager of the Experimental Linguistics Labs at our Lipsius location (part of the Leiden University Centre for Linguistics). She completed her PhD in the Leiden Babylab in 2018 and is fascinated by how babies learn (multiple) languages and how they compare to other non-human animals in their language abilities.

Current team members

  • Karin van den Berg

    Is in her second year of the Research Master Linguistic at Leiden University with a broad interest in language and cognition and neurolinguistics. After getting her bachelor’s in English Language and Culture she decided to specialize further in Linguistics and now helps with research into language acquisition in monolingual and bilingual babies.

  • Zsófia Károlyi

    Zsofia is master student following the Parenting, Child Care and Development program at the Institute of Child and Family Studies.

  • Heleen Lange

    Heleen is a Research Master’s student in Child and Education Studies with "Applied Neuroscience" as profile. She is mostly interested in research about children’s development in the social and (neuro)cognitive domain.

  • Isabella Saccardi

    Isabella is a senior Research Assistant and works on the implementation of our online study.

  • Robin Sanchez-van Ginkel

    Robin is a fourth year Cognitive Linguistics student at Leiden University. Her main interests are language development in bilingual children, and language deficiencies in both children and adults.

  • Aranka van Tol

    Aranka van Tol is currently finishing the Research Master Linguistics. Her thesis is concerned with theoretical linguistics, but her interests also include language development and how language is processed by the brain.

  • Giulia Vigna

    Giulia is a Research Master’s student in Education and Child Studies. She studied Primary Education (Teacher Training program) in Italy and she is now in the Netherlands to further investigate human development from a psychological and neuroscientific point of view.ster student following the Applied Neuroscience program at the Institute of Child and Family Studies.

  • Jie Yan

    Jie is studying in the MA Linguistics program, specialized in the Language Cognition and Processing track. Her main interests are language processing across the lifespan, especially comparison with different language backgrounds.

  • Wout Ydema

    Wout Yedema is currently in the final year of the bachelor's degree in Linguistics at Leiden University. His interests lie in language, statistics, and cognitive psychology.

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