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Kaiser Launches spring lectures. Destination: The Moon!

This Saturday will be the first Kaiser Spring Lecture of this year! - A series of public lectures on Astronomy in the Old Observatory.

Back in 1969, now 50 years ago, the Apollo Lunar Module landed on the Moon’s surface, dropping of the very first human beings to set foot on the Moon. To honour this important anniversary, the overall theme of the Spring Lectures this year will be: The Moon.
We will look back on important developments in space exploration from that time, learn about moons orbiting other exoplanets (planets outside our own Solar System!), see how we can currently use our Moon as a giant detector of tiny particles, and glimpse into the future and the opportunities that new exploration of Earth's only natural satellite will bring.

Will you join us going back to the Moon?

More information on the lectures can be found under 'Events'.

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