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National Sun Watching Day - Online

Sunday 5 July 2020
Dutch event
Online event

Sun Watchin Day:

(Dutch event)

On July 5th, you can join our live stream at any moment. We offer the possibility to join live observing sessions, during which you can watch the Sun through one of our telescopes, experience exciting experiments showing the workings of light, and learn a lot about the Sun!

The YouTube livestream is set for the event. See this link for the Facebook event.

Remark: even with rainy wheather the event will take place (with a few adjustments)!


  • 14:00 - Introduction
  • 14:10 - Watch the Sun through the Lunt telescope
  • 14:25 - 'Werkgroep Leidse Sterrewacht'
  • 14:35 - Experiment 1: spectroscopy and temperature of stars
  • 14:50 - Experiment 2: exoplanets and scattering of light
  • 15:05 - Watch the Sun through the 6-inch telescope
  • 15:20 - Endnotes

YouTube Live Stream

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