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"Artificial Creativity" lecture and information event (online)

  • About creative AI and the Media Technology program
Monday 30 May 2022
Online. Exact location will be posted later.

Can we model creativity in a computer? Would we want creative computers, and why? How do AI and artificial creativity differ? Learn about "artificial creativity" and the Media Technology MSc programme.

Ever since people have considered intelligent machines, they have also considered whether machines could be creative. With the current hype in AI and machine learning, more and more creative machines are built.

Computers are composing music, writing cooking recipes, painting "artworks", even writing jokes. The outcomes range from being impressive to utter crap.


Through examples, Maarten Lamers uncovers what computers can do, but more importantly what they cannot yet. We use the concepts of exploratory and transformational creativity, as defined by Margaret Boden, to make sense of computer-generated artworks. Finally, we ask whether computer creativity can be transformational, and whether computers can dream.

Following the lecture, there is plenty of room for questions about artificial creativity, or about the Media Technology MSc programme. Ask our professors and students anything you want.

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