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How to find LMUY room 4.28

Room 4.28 in the LMUY Building is a dedicated lecture room for the Media Technology MSc program. Finding it for the first time may be challenging. Below is a description of how to find it.

Go to the Faculty of Science Main Entrance (Einsteinweg 55), by following the sign that leads you there from the Einsteinweg, via the bike- and footpath past the LIS building (photos below). See the map below for the building entrance.

Sign at Einsteinweg 55
Bike- and footpath towards the main entrance

Enter the Faculty of Science main entrance (photo below).

Once inside, look for a sign (photo below) that points you towards the LMUY Building.

It directs you up the stairs (photo below) to the second floor.

Once up the stairs, another sign (photo below) directs you to the LMUY Building. You will be taking "Route 2".

Walk through the long hallway (photo below) that crosses the water.

At the end of the long hallway, another sign (photo below) directs you to the LMUY Building ground floor (“Route 2”). This brings you into a stairwell, to the ground floor.

On the ground floor, look for the sign that says “Welcome to the LMUY Building” (photo below).

To the left of the Welcome-sign, another sign (photo below) points you to Lecture Room 4.28.

Halfway the hallway is room 4.28 on the right (photo below). You found it!

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