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Computer programming

We see computer programming as an essential skill. It enables you to be self-sufficient in building tools, processing data, visualizing research output, communicating research results, etc. Moreover, it empowers you to make beautiful things.

Algorithmic thinking

With computer programming we mean the act of translating an idea into an algorithm, and that algorithm into code. It does not matter what programming language you use — Python, C++, Processing, Javascript, Java, all imperative languages are relevant. Understanding HTML or CSS is not algorithmic computer programming.

Computer programming as entry requirement

We require students to have basic programming skills before they start our programme.

During the admission interview we assess the applicant's programming skills. When considered not sufficient, they can still be obtained after the admission interview, but must be demonstrated before being fully admitted in the Media Technology programme.

More information on the admission requirements, including computer programming, can be found on the Admission requirements page.

Course "Introduction to Computer Programming"

Successfully completing the online Introduction to Computer Programming course is one way to meet the computer programming skills as part of the admission requirements. It can be done in your own time and has an estimated course load of 21-30 hours total.

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