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Terms and Conditions

Conditions of registration
The registration for LAK courses is to anyone from 17 years of age (at the moment of registration), unless otherwise specified in the course text.

The LAK uses different rates for different categories:
- students
- LEI-employees
- others

You are a LAK student if you are following full or part-time education an MBO, HBO or University in the Netherlands. Employees must be employed at Leiden University at the time of registration.

A course registration is personal: it is not possible to buy the same two courses in one name.

When you sign up for a LAK course you automatically agree with registration for the LAK Newsletter.

Check registration
Each particpant will receive a confirmation email. Participants must be able to show their confirmation email at all times.
Students must be able to present a valid student card or proof of registration at the first course meeting to prove that they are students.

Cancellation and refund

Cancellation of a registration is possible up to two weeks before the start of a course. In that case, the course fee will be refunded, minus 10 euros administration costs.
If the LAK cancels a course for organizational reasons, the full course fee will be refunded. 
If a participant wishes to switch to another course on his own initiative, the course organization will also charge € 10 administration costs.
In case of a long-term injury or illness, you can contact with the LAK course office via info@lakcursussen.nl 

If a participant clicks the wrong course rate online, the LAK do not refund the overpaid amount.

The LAK reserves the right to cancel or postpone a course if there are insufficient registrations. The student will be informed by email. The paid course fee will be refunded in that case.

LAK course centre reserves the right to make changes to the course schedule.
If a course or course part cannot take place due to circumstances, the course fee will be reimbursed (pro rata).
In case of a teacher being unable or unable to attend, the lesson will either be given by a replacement teacher or moverd up to the end of the course period.
The catch-up lesson can possibly (in consultation) take place on a different day and time.
Students should take into account that in that case the course will end several weeks later.

Online classes
The LAK uses Zoom or Skype for online lessons. Before the start you will be invited to the online class with a link that allows you to register for the Zoom sessions. Register at least 1 day before the start of the course for the lessons and so you can check if everything works.
NOTE: Please contact info@lakcursussen.nl  in time if problems arise so that we can solve them on time and you will not miss a lesson.

Student's absence
If a student cannot be present during the lesson, he / she must inform the LAK by email at: info@lakcursussen.nl

Quality control
The LAK course center reserves the right to re-book a student to a lower or higher level if the teacher indicates that a student is better placed there.

Norms and values
Students must follow general norms and values. The LAK Course Office reserves the right to deny students who do not behave in this regard access to the course.

Photography and video recording
During courses and presentations, photos and video recordings can be made for advertising purposes, such as leaflet, flyer, poster, website, daily and weekly newspapers. If no written objection is made to this prior to the course (LAK Courses, PO Box 9515, 2300 RA Leiden, including the course being taken), the LAK assumes that the student agrees. The photographer can of course be informed on the spot if the student does not wish to be photographed.

The LAK Course Office is not liable for damage to and / or the disappearance / loss of property and goods of students.

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