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General Information

LAK courses is part of Leiden University and can be found in the Lipsius building on the Cleveringaplaats. The abbreviation "LAK" stands for Leids Academisch Kunstcentrum (Leiden Academic Art Center)

At the Lak you can participate in a large variety of artistic and creative courses taught by our professional teachers.  We offer courses in the following categories: theater and presentation, dance, visual arts, music, photography and writing (literature). All staged art courses come to a close with a final performance at a theater rented for the occasion. These courses will not only help you to further develop your talents but also meet others which share your same passions.

For who:
Our courses are accessible to all interested parties beginning from the age of 17, unless stated otherwise in the course description. Accordingly, you do not have to be a student in order to participate in our courses.

Students from Leiden University and the Leidse Hogeschool get a fixed discount on the course price. Employees of Leiden University can also entitled to these price discounts.
Persons younger than 21 years get 21% VAT-discount.

What do we offer?

-2 course semester per year (start: September and February); with more than 50 different courses in the categories of: theater and presentations, dance, visual arts, music, photography and writing.

-workshops; to preview our new course program or as a trip beyond our general course program.

-master classes; for the connoisseurs, we provide the opportunity to go deeper into a particular field with a given professional.

- performances; All staged art courses come to a close with a final performance at a theater rented for the occasion. It's an opportunity to bring all your aquired skills into practice. The end of term performance is a much loved part of our programme. 

- renting small music studios; it is possible to take a subscription to rent our small music studio's. There are piano's available, but it is also possible to take your own instrument and use the studios to practice solo or with a small group. The studio's are sound proof.

- renting studios; it is also possible to rent one of our bigger studios. The LAK has two dance/drama studio's with mirror, music installation and dance floor. It also has one big music studio in which choirs or ensembles can practice.

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