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ENPAIR, the European Network on Psychoeducational Assessment, Intervention and Rehabilitation, has its founding roots in Europe, but brings together scientific researchers and evidence-based working practitioners from countries all over the world.

Aims and scope

  • Psychological and psychoeducational assessment procedures.
  • Development and implementation of psychological and psychoeducational interventions and rehabilitation. 

The network provides a platform for exchanging ideas, insights and empirical findings, encouraging theoretical and empirical research on: 

  • Psychological and psychoeducational assessment in all areas related to cognitive and socio-emotional development (with a specific interest in dynamic assessment, dynamic testing).
  • Development and implementation of psychoeducational interventions and rehabilitation for people of all ages, and all ability levels (children, students, adults) with special educational needs (such as learning difficulties, intellectual disability, ADHD, giftedness) or clinical psychological impairments.

ENPAIR organizes a bi-annual European conference and promotes other activities, such as symposia, workshops and colloquia. Both researchers and evidence-based working practitioners can join ENPAIR. The network is directed by a scientific committee and requires no membership fees. ENPAIR has its own on-line Open Access journal: PAIR (Psychoeducational Assessment, Intervention and Rehabilitation).

Founding of ENPAIR

ENPAIR was founded in July 2017 by established researchers from four European countries:

  • Wilma C.M. Resing (Leiden University, The Netherlands;
  • Karl H. Wiedl (University of Osnabrück, Germany);
  • Dimitrios Zbainos (Harokopio University, Greece) and
  • Marco G.P. Hessels (University of Geneva, Switzerland). 
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