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Science Experience Tours

During the Leiden Science Family Day, you will visit places that are normally closed to the public: go backstage at the Faculty of Science!

Science Experience Tours

Language: English
Target group: youth & adults
Time: starts at 12:00, 13:30 en 14:30 hrs

In this tour, you will see the coolest, biggest electron microscopes in the Netherlands! Do you want to know how we study tiny microbes (bacteria, viruses, etc) and how this helps develop drugs and vaccines or simply helps advance a better understanding of life? Come along to NeCEN, the Dutch Centre for Electron Nanoscopy. We’ll show you how small the samples are and how big the microscopes.

Target group: youth & adults
Time: 11:30 & 13:00 hrs


Did you know the measuring hall is a very special place? It is one of the least vibrating places in the world! See with your own eyes what the researchers are exactly doing here.

Target group: youth & adults

The Fine Mechanical Department (FMD) and Electronic Department (ELD) is the place to go for scientists and researchers with all their technical questions and requests. The FMD's instrument makers design and build a wide variety of fine mechanical instruments. Designs usually start with a 3D design and usually accuracies are a fraction of a hair.

The Electronics Department (ELD) designs and builds electrical equipment for our researchers. Accurate measurement and control at extremely low temperatures demands a lot of knowledge and experience. To do so, they put together very specific components that have to be well matched. Come and have a look at the FMD and ELD; it is impressive to see and could not to be missed!

In 2024, the Gorlaeus Building will be ready and twice the size of the current building. Wondering what the new building will look like? Come and take a look! Did you know that the total building will be the size of 14 football fields?

You can sign up for the Science Experience Tours easily at the information desk.

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