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Experiment Square

Are you the scientist of the future? Come experiment with science at the Experiments Square! Make your own slime, discover how rubber can count, play along with the antibiotics game, discover the power of light and much more!

Move a can forward without touching it? You can! All you need is a balloon and your own hair. Find out how at the Young Scientist can race. Will you be the first to cross the finish line?  

There are three doors: behind one door is a car, behind the other two doors is nothing at all. Can you guess behind which door the car is? Learn how you can get an advantage!

You can do all kinds of wonderful things with light. In the Lightlab, you can see what light actually is with basic experiments. Is it a wave or a particle? What colours are in light and why? Can you use light to measure the speed of stars? What temperature does a star have? Come and find out!

By looking at the world with different glasses and perspectives you can learn new things. Every type of glasses comes with its own research questions. Can you look through different glasses? Throw the perspective-dice at the Sciencehub and see which questions you can think of.

Use science to give life colour and give a flower your favourite colour! Will you come and try it out?

Chemistry is everywhere and certainly not only in a lab room. Do you want to discover what you can do with chemistry and how much fun it is? Take a look into the life of a chemist and make your own slime.

Discover how a few cleverly placed holes, cuts or folds can completely transform a material! Experience how a block of rubber can count, snapping origami bits, materials that fold themselves and materials that thicken when you pull on them. Come discover and be amazed!

In this workshop, you will look through a microscope at the embryos and young larvae of zebrafish. Because they are transparent, they are particularly suitable to learn about diseases.

Come colour on a big Science colouring page of 10 metres long, get your face painted and go home with a real Leiden Science Family Day tattoo!

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