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Funding for congresses, workshops and master classes

In order to stimulate research and teaching within the field of medieval studies in the Netherlands the Research School for Medieval Studies offers the opportunity to submit requests for the (co-)funding of congresses, workshops and master classes for the period between 2022-2027.

General framework

All researchers affiliated to the Research School may submit a request for funding, but early career researchers are especially encouraged to submit a request.

The formal and substantive conditions that a request for (co-)funding has to meet will be listed and discussed below. The Research School is free to review and adapt this list of conditions at any time.

When honouring (or not) a funding request the Research School will take into account the available annual budget as well as the distribution of the available resources across the different academic disciplines.

The decision of the Research School is final. There is no possibility for appeal. The funding programme is renewed on a yearly basis (with a yearly determined budget). The Research School can decide to stop this funding programme at any time and, in case of such termination, it will only be held to honour requests for funding that have already been approved at the time of termination.

In case of a positive decision the Research School is only held to a financial contribution. The applicants are solely responsible for the organisation of the event and the Research School cannot be held liable in any way for organisational matters.

For any questions in relation to this funding programme please contact the following email address: ozsmed@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Formal conditions

  • Applicant

The request for funding has to be submitted by a member of the Research School for Medieval Studies who is employed, full-time or part-time, by one of the six participating universities (Radboud University Nijmegen, Groningen University, University of Amsterdam, Leiden Universiteit, Utrecht University, VU Amsterdam).

  • Participants and location

The planned event has to be open to members of the Research School and has to take place in the Netherlands or at an institute situated abroad but connected to a Dutch university. The event will be announced on the website of the Research School and via its monthly newsletter.

  • Form and content of the application

In addition to a clear description of the planned activity, the request for funding has to show that all formal and substantive conditions have been met. The application also has to be supported by a reasoned budget following the format set out below. The maximum budget for applications is €2.000,-.

  • Time of application

A request for funding has to be submitted in a timely manner, that is to say at least six months prior to the planned event. More precisely, the application can be submitted via email to the following email address: ozsmed@hum.leidenuniv.nl.

Substantive conditions

  • Link to work domain

The planned event has to have a clear connection to the work domain of the Research School. The Research School expresses a preference for themes that transcend disciplinary boundaries.

  • Educational component

The planned event must have a clear educational component. In case of (co-)funding by the Research School it is possible to grant ECTS to participating ReMA students (in which case 1 ECTS corresponds to a work load of 28 hours). The organisers will be responsible for the evaluation and grading of the assignments of these ReMA students. They will have to provide a grade list to the secretariat of the Research School (ozsmed@hum.leidenuniv.nl). Based upon this list the Research School will issue a certificate (indicating the number of ECTS and grade that has been obtained) to the ReMA students. The ReMA students can submit this certificate to their respective universities.

Format for the funding request (including budget)


Type of activity (including educational component, and planned attribution of ECTS, if any)  
Title (preliminary) (including link to the work domain of the Research School)  
Place and date  
Estimated number of participants

1) Speakers (including their identity, if already known)

2) ReMA students / PhD candidates 


  Budget Specification
Rent of lecture hall etc. (in principle university locations to be used) Real costs  
Excursions Real costs  
Travel costs foreign speakers Real costs  
Travel costs other speakers / students Real costs  
Cost for overnight stay of speakers / students ca 100,- per night  
Tea and coffee 50,- per part of the day  
Lunch 25,- per person per lunch  
Dinner 75,- per person per dinner  
Unforeseen expenses    


Contributions of other funding bodies (name, amount, status application (incl. expected decision date))

1) Funding body A


Contribution requested from the Research School Amount X


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