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Improved accessibility medieval manuscripts Leiden University Library

Recently, some changes have been made to the catalog of Leiden University Library, making more than 1000 digitized codices more accessible than before. The 'Inventory of Western Medieval Manuscripts Held by Leiden University Libraries,' created by manuscript curator André Bouwman, is also now available: an easily searchable PDF inventory that links to the catalogue and can be consulted directly from the catalogue.


The inventory is part of a broader effort to enhance online access to manuscripts from medieval Europe managed by Leiden University Libraries (UBL) in various ways. Over 1000 codices have been completely digitized, which is more than two-thirds of the collection. All manuscript descriptions in the inventory also include links to corresponding records in the online catalog. During the summer months, these records were replaced with English-language records containing more information, including references to printed library catalogs where they are described, with links to digital versions.

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