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International Symposium: Good Governance

Wednesday 1 February 2023
Room 0.10
Drift 23


09:45-10:00  Registration

10:00-10:15  Welcome

10:15-11:15  Sources
Minne De Boodt (KU Leuven)
Debating good governance. The added value of a cross-contextual analysis for the study of late medieval political thinking

Frederik Buylaert, Klaas Van Gelder, Kaat Capelle (Ghent University)
Comparing “good governance” in town and countryside: the evidence from Flanders, c. 1250-1550

David Napolitano (Utrecht University)
From mirrors-for-princes, over the podestà literature, to mirrors-for-magistrates: Preliminary explorations of three modern labels for medieval advice literature on rulership

11:15-12:15 Discussion


13:30-14:10   Methodology
Nele De Raedt (UCLouvain)
Mirrors for magistrates on building the city

Mats Dijkdrent (UCLouvain)
Architectural descriptions as mirrors for good  governance in sixteenth-century Antwerp

14:10-15:10 Discussion


15:30-16:10 Ideals and Comparison  
Giacomo Santoro (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa)
Magistratus virum ostendit: a perspective on good governance in the Republic of Siena, between pedagogy and government (1428-1456)

Vasileios Syros (Jawaharlal Nehru University & The Medici Archive Project)
Good governance and the city in early modern Italy and India  

16:10-17:00 Discussion


To attend, please register in advance by sending a message to nele.deraedt@uclouvain.be and d.p.h.napolitano@uu.nl

International Symposium: Good Governance (1/2 ECTS)

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