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Studying in Leiden and The Hague comes with a number of facilities. These include use of the university library, login details for Brightspace and the possibility of study guidance. On this page you can read all about it and find useful links.

Student card

PRE-students receive a Leiden University student card during their first lecture. This card gives them access to all Leiden University buildings and libraries, including in The Hague. A number of museums in Leiden also give discounts to students when presented with a Leiden University student card. 

Study guidance

Monitoring the study progress of the PRE-students is twofold. On the one hand, agreements have been made by the PRE-office with the high schools. The PRE-mentor will have regular contact with the PRE-student about his or her progress. In this, it is important that school performance does not suffer from the student partaking in the PRE. On the other hand, the PRE-organisation also keeps track of the PRE-students' performance. In case of any difficulties, the PRE-office contacts the PRE-mentor concerned. 

For tailor-made study guidance, please email pre@ha.leidenuniv.nl. 

Administration of achieved results

The results of tests, work groups and papers are processed by the PRE-office. Teachers commit to timely grading and send the results to the PRE-office directly. Tests results of the Pre-University College are published on Brightspace. 

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