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Information for schools

Are you in a position of talent coach, coordinator, mentor, dean, or teacher and looking for university programmes that provide an extra challenge for the students of your school? The Leiden University Honours Academy provides such a programme, where vwo-students from the final three years of high school can follow the Pre-University Classes (abbreviated Pre-Classes).

What are the PRE-Classes?

The Pre-University Classes are specially designed for students in the final three years of vwo high school who are looking for an extra challenge and exposure to the latest developments in academia. Students can delve into topics that go beyond the reach of their school subjects, or they can acquire new knowledge in fields they previously knew little to nothing about.

In a Pre-Class, students explore a research area of their choice based on a theme: quantum mechanics in Physics or Molecular Science and Technology, delving into Merovingian history in Archaeology, or taking on the challenge of learning about Chinese linguistics. There are plenty of choices available!

Working together with Leiden University and the Honours Academy

The Honours Academy of Leiden University offers extra challenges for students at every stage of their education. For vwo high school students, there are the Pre-University College and the Pre-University Classes. For bachelor's students, there is the Honours College, and for master's students, there is the Leiden Leadership Programme.

A collaboration with the Honours Academy of Leiden University provides your students with a challenging, educational, and enriching experience. They are stimulated and challenged in various ways, and to ensure this, educational innovation is one of the objectives of the Honours Academy. Honours education in Leiden encourages out-of-the-box thinking.

Curiosity, a critical attitude, high-level knowledge, and self-reflection are some of the skills that students develop and further cultivate in the honours education at Leiden University. Students are expected to have a motivated attitude and a willingness to push themselves and their studies to the limit.

At the Honours Academy, students receive small-scale and stimulating education. They learn to think and act in a problem-solving manner, either within their discipline or across disciplines, at a high level. They are taught by internationally oriented scholars who address current issues in their teaching. Students are challenged to think along with the problems that scientists themselves are grappling with.

Practical information

Are you interested in providing your students the opportunity to participate in the Pre-University Classes? You can contact Esrih Bakker for more information. Subsequently, we will include you and your school in our database and send you information about the PRE-Classes, without any obligation. 

We expect participating schools to support the students who attend the PRE-Classes. Students are required to attend all lectures. Therefore, arrangements will need to be made to make up for any missed class hours and tests at school. Only in exceptional cases do we allow a student to be absent from the Classes' sessions. 

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