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Information for parents/guardians

On this page you can find the most important information to know as a parent or guardian of a student participating in the PRE-Classes.

Costs and payment PRE-Class

The cost of a PRE-Class is € 75,- per Class. If your son or daughter is admitted, you will receive a link to payment by e-mail. At the first meeting of the PRE-Class, your son or daughter should bring a printed proof of payment (e-ticket). 

Absence from school and results

The school contact person is aware of your child's application for a PRE-Class. At school, absences are tracked and regulated. Tests are not a reason for absence from a PRE-Class, and the school is responsible for coming up with a suitable solution. In most cases, attending a PRE-Class does not affect school results. 

Closing event

In certain cases, parents/guardians are welcome to attend the closing ceremony of the PRE-Class. At the closing events, participants present what they have learned during the PRE-Class. It is a festive conclusion to the PRE-Classes, and the students will then also receive their certificates. If your child's PRE-Class has a closing ceremony, your son/daughter will receive further notice on how to register for this event.

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