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Safety Survey: NVIC students feel very safe in Cairo

The safety of students is a priority and hence an ever recurring issue at the NVIC. NVIC not only attaches great importance to the safety of its students, but also that its students feel safe.

To better understand feelings of safety in Cairo, our previous intern Marlijn Beek conducted a survey among former students who spent a semester at our institute in Cairo. Please read the most important results of our survey below:

  • Students of Arabic Studies and Egyptology felt secure during the semester they spent at the NVIC. In their evaluations they give the security situation in Cairo an overall grade of 7.2 (one a scale from 1-10).
  • Students but rarely felt unsafe in the area of Zamalek (the island in the Nile) – where the NVIC is situated – and in the remaining districts, which the institute recommends for student housing.
  • Generally, there is no difference in the way female and male students experienced the security situation in Cairo.
  • Despite common assertions that Cairo runs an increased risk of violence and attacks, students expressed that they hardly ever feared such attacks. Students mostly fear busy traffic and believe there is a reasonable chance of being involved in traffic accidents.
  • Students of Arabic studies experienced life in Cairo as being very pleasurable. They assess overall enjoyment in Cairo with a grade of 8.5.
  • Students of Arabic studies equally assess the added value of their Cairo semester to their training with a grade of 9.3. Most students mentioned the progress they made with regards to their command of the Arabic language as the most prominent learning outcome, mostly so with regards to their speaking skills.
  • Students of Egyptology also assess the added value of their Cairo semester to their training with an overall grade of 9.3. During their stay in Cairo students became acquainted with the practice of fieldwork.

Students look back on their time in Cairo and at the NVIC as a meaningful and enjoyable period. Their remarks included the following:

"The Semester program at the NVIC is a must for every student of Middle-Eastern studies."

"By going to Cairo you become part of what you’re studying."

"My Arabic has improved tremendously."

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