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Our new intern: Luca Bruls

Luca Bruls is currently doing an internship at NVIC. Besides that she works on an ethnographic account of the museum of Islamic art in Cairo. Read more…

It was only a year ago that I last visited Cairo. In these four months I got acquainted with the Dutch Flemish Institute as a student of the Arabic language track. During this period I was stimulated to improve my knowledge of Arabic and Egypt’s diverse cultural phenomena. The thought-provoking period had such a positive impact on me, I decided to return.

So here I am, re-entering NVIC as an intern. In the past week I have been exploring my new role within the institute. At my calm desk I have been acquiring knowledge about various tasks, every now and then breaking the silence to have a cup of tea with my colleagues. During my stay in Egypt I will also work on my BA thesis. The research topic centers around the museum of Islamic art in Cairo. I will tackle the museums exhibition by taking an anthropological and museological approach in combination with my knowledge of Arabic. After last weeks visit to the museum I am even more excited to dive into this field and challenge myself to interpret the site.

My first two weeks in Cairo have been pleasant. Making my way through the seemingly chaotic city I have been meeting inspiring people in the music and art scene. Let’s see which new doors will open for me along the way!

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