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NVIC current updates

Dear friends of the institute,

After teaching a successful online semester for our students in the Netherlands and Flanders, we are now looking ahead to the coming first semester of the study year 21-22.

Although in our own countries we appear to be moving towards normalization (ref. the Corona pandemic), unfortunately, there is still uncertainty in Egypt. The color coded travel advice for Egypt (see here)is still ‘orange’, which means that Leiden University will not allow its students to travel for a semester in Cairo. We regret this tremendously, but understand the decision.

For the time being, we have also suspended organizing lectures and film screenings and we do not admit visitors to our library. Professional visits can only take place after an appointment (email info@nvic.leidenuniv.nl).

We shall reevaluate the situation in September, but we hope that we can at least revert to normal again in the new year, when we hope to organize our TAFL courses, Egyptology in the Field program (in January and February), and our regular (face-to-face) semesters in Arabic/Islam and Middle East Studies (end of February – May), as well as other activities for which you have known us.

These are tough times, but there is light at the end of this tunnel too.

Keep an eye on our newsletters, our website and Facebook page to keep abreast of developments here in Cairo.

Stay well and healthy!

Best regards,
Rudolf de Jong

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