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Meet our new intern: Marjam Peters

Marjam Peters has just started her four-month internship at NVIC. She also works on developing a research on gender and sexuality in Cairo. Read more..

Cairo is a city that I have known and loved since childhood. As I grew older, I saw Cairo transform with a great pace. However as the time passes, my relationship with this wonderful city remains unchanged. I have been visiting Egypt every year for the past 24 years, spending my days reconnecting with family, visiting the Egyptian Museum and trying to improve my colloquial Arabic, only to forget most of what I have learned the moment I returned to Amsterdam. Leaving Cairo has always left me with conflicting thoughts and emotions. The city that has been touched by a revolution and that is overflowing with cars and people, has also been generous and nurturing as I cherish the memories of walking along the banks of the Nile and drinking Turkish coffee in the once much loved Groppi.

The Egyptian way of life has always stayed close to me as I maintained my connection with this country by studying the Arabic language and Middle Eastern studies at the University of Amsterdam. It was during my study of the Arabic language that I was inspired to look to the NVIC for new opportunities.

And now, once again this victorious city has drawn me in with its bustling streets and loving people. This time I will spend the coming four months as an intern with the NVIC, whilst also conducting independent research on changing perspectives on gender and sexuality in Cairo. I imagine this period to be inspiring both academically and personally and I hope to get to know the city and its people in a different way.

Marjam Peters

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