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Meet our intern

Sarah is the latest addition to our team...

Recently I graduated from the University of Amsterdam with a BA in Arabic Language and Culture. During my studies I spent one semester at the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo, two years ago. After this semester I stayed for another month travelling through Egypt, exploring new places and gaining new experiences such as diving (great) and rock climbing (never again). Upon returning home to Amsterdam, my studies in Cairo had left me with a strong urge to go back to the land of pharaohs, of ahsan naas and of the Nile river.
Cairo is a city that you will either hate or love. In my case it is the latter. Its beautiful chaos was so overwhelming at first, which two years ago had me in bed before 10 PM every night for the first few weeks. After a while it grows on you though, and you learn to appreciate the ongoing orchestra of honking cars that even performs at night. I have made several friends during my first semester here with people from Dutch and Flemish universities as well as people from Egypt who remain very dear to me. I have good faith that this new experience in Egypt will leave me with even more valuable friendships.
Although The Netherlands is my home, Cairo is my muse who provides a certain energy through its colorful people in beige-colored streets, its taamiya shops on almost every corner, its book shops with books stacked till the ceiling, and its people with their second religion: football. I am very excited to be back at this institute with familiar faces and hope to learn something from them while also being of extra value to them myself.

Sarah van der Kwast

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