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A word from our new PhD candidate Virág Pabeschitz

Arriving at a new workplace has never been as easy as it was in the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo. I’m very grateful for the nice colleagues who helped me in the first few days to settle down in Egypt and start to work in the office. Although I spent the last 3 years on site as a field archaeologist in different deserts, adjusting to the new environment, having a desk, sticky notes and clean clothes, was very easy in the NVIC. The first thing that amazed me in the institute is the well-equipped library which is calling you to read and work there. It is very helpful for a bookworm PhD student and I feel very lucky to be surrounded by these amazing books. I’ve already attended a fascinating movie event organised by NVIC which was a very heartwarming night realising how many people were interested in the program. As an archaeologist, it is truly a dream come true to live and work in Egypt and spend every day with archaeology in this highly inspiring environment. I look forward to start teaching and working on my PhD here! Virág Pabeschitz

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