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Writing Lab Leiden & The Hague

The Writing Lab helps students to become better academic writers. Our tutors offer support during any stage of the writing process, whether you’ve only just started and need help with planning, incorporating sources and/or making an outline, or whether you’re already writing a text and want to improve its structure, argumentation and/or style. We are now offering three different kinds of writing support, all free of charge!


Tutoring sessions

In a 45-minute, one-to-one appointment, you’ll be discussing how to improve your writing skills with a writing tutor, often (but not necessarily) by means of a text you’re currently working on. 

Thesis Seminar

Are you an undergraduate student who will be writing a thesis in the first semester of 2021-2022 but cannot attend a thesis seminar within your own program? Then join the Faculty Thesis Seminar, provided by the Writing Lab! The seminar consists of 3 interactive workshops of 2 hours and 1 individual coaching session. To pass the seminar, you are required to attend the three workshops and 1 coaching call. However, you are welcome to schedule more coaching calls, with a maximum of 5. These are always free for FGW students! 

Thesis seminar 2021-2022

We are currently working on the planning for the thesis seminar for 2021-2022. Would you like to stay updated? Leave your email adress behind and receive an email when the registration has opened. We will not use your e-mail address for other purposes.

(Online) Workshops

Under the supervision of a writing tutor, you’ll be working on one specific aspect of academic writing such as structure, style, or working from home, alongside other students. These workshops are completely interactive: during the workshop, you’ll bring your own experiences and knowledge to the table, and you’ll be doing assignments to learn how to put theory into practice! 

Planning 2021-2022

We are currently working on the planning for our workshops for 2021-2022. Would you like to stay updated? Leave your email adress behind and receive an email when the registration has opened. We will not use your e-mail address for other purposes.

Workshop Date (exact dates will be announced) Language
Academic writing for new students (BA1, Pre-MA) Week 6: 7 t/m 11 February NL +ENG
Creating a clear structure (BA2, BA3, MA) Week 7: 14 t/m 18 February NL + ENG
Develop an academic writing style (BA3/MA) Week 8: 21 t/m 25 February NL + ENG

Keep on writing: becoming disciplined to write your thesis (BA/MA3)

Week 9: 28 February t/m 4 March



Whether you come from high school or college, academic writing at university can be a big switch and challenge. What exactly is an academic text? How do you come up with a good research question? How do you give your paper a clear structure and use an academic writing style? In this workshop, we will address these questions and teach you the basic rules and techniques of academic writing, so you know exactly how to approach your next academic writing assignment.



Your teachers keep insisting on it: your text must have a clear structure! This makes sense, because a clear structure makes a text more pleasant to read and easier to understand. In this workshop you will learn how to structure your text in a crystal clear way at both chapter and paragraph level, for example by using core sentences and signal words. In this way you will lift your academic writing skills to a higher level.


Writing a thesis is a big and intimidating task, all the more so now that study places at university are scarce and you have to put yourself to work at home. How do you make sure you are focused, motivated and efficient? In this workshop, we will explain the best strategies and you will exchange experiences and tips with fellow students who are in the same boat, so that your procrastination will soon be a thing of the past.

Academic writing assignments must be written in an academic style. But what does that actually mean? What exactly makes a writing style academic or non-academic? In this workshop you learn to evaluate your own writing style and to make it more academic where necessary by looking at texts in detail. This way you lift your writing style to a higher level in no time.

About the Writing Lab

The Writing Lab employs student tutors. These tutors have completed special training, aimed at analyzing writing- and text problems and giving (non-directive) feedback and what’s more: they will help you improve your academic writing skills in a way that works for you. Whether you’re feeling stuck because working from home proves difficult, want to brainstorm about your text to improve your argumentation or wish to bump up your grade from a 5 to a 6 or from an 8 to a 9: we’ll make sure to tailor the session to your specific needs.

During an individual session of 45 minutes we’ll zoom in on whatever you want help with. We often help students to improve their research question(s), structure, argumentation and/or writing style, but you can also come to us for help with planning or improving your self-discipline. Do note that our tutors will not be able to judge the content of your text – that is solely reserved for your teachers and supervisors. Nor will they correct your spelling, grammar, or annotations as we’re in the coaching business, not the editing business! 😉 Please read the FAQ below to learn more.


Nothing! All Writing Center activities are completely free of charge.

You can come by as often as you’d like, with a maximum of 5 sessions per assignment (i.e., once you start working on a new assignment, you’re entitled to another 5 sessions). In our experience, a maximum of 5 appointments per assignment will give you ample time to discuss different aspects of your text (e.g. your introduction as well as your conclusion) or discuss your progress during the different stages of the writing process.

Absolutely, no problem at all! The writing tutors are also here to help you with those aspects of the writing process that happen before the actual writing, such as fine-tuning your research question, planning your work or making an outline.

Definitely! The Writing Lab is available to all students of the Humanities Faculty, both BA and MA students.

Scheduling an appointment on the same day is not possible. Usually, you’ll be able to see a tutor within a week, but this can take longer depending on the availability of the tutors.

No, for questions surrounding language we’d like to refer you to one of the courses at the Academic Language Center. However, we can help you with questions about academic style (e.g. sentence length, sentence structure, tone of voice, word choice etc.)

No, grading your text is reserved for your instructor. Our tutors can and will not comment on the quality of your assignment.

No. Our tutors are in no way involved in grading your assignment and will never tell your instructor about your appointments. It is very important to us that you feel safe with us, meaning that everything you discuss with your tutor will remain between the two of you.

No, unfortunately the Writing Center is available only for students studying a degree at the Humanities Faculty. Are you a student at another faculty? Ask your study advisor about resources available to you.

No. As PhD students are employees of the university, we are unfortunately unable to offer them our services.

No. Because students profit most from a face-to-face session, we do not offer our services through email.

No, currently the Writing Center is not looking for new tutors.

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The Writing Lab helps students to become better academic writers.
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