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Student reviews of our (online) courses

Read all about the experiences of our students who followed one of the Academic Language Center's (online) courses in the past semester.

I think the online classes were very well organized, considering the difficult circumstances. I am also quite astonished about how quickly Leiden University arranged the online classes. I think we have had an excellent teacher. She was always listening to us, always answered our questions and was always very patient. Additionally, one other very important thing was that all her explanations were very clear. Her English was perfect so everything was clear, and all the explanations she gave about Japanese grammar/ rules/ exceptions were always detailed and well explained. I am very satisfied with how the course went and of the highly educated and wonderful teacher we had!
Japanese 1

I am very thankful and happy that the course continued online and everything was set up so quickly. 
Switching the course from class room to online was really well done. I learned a lot from the assignments and the feedback provided.
Chinese 2

Online classes were a novel experience for me with some difficulties at the beginning. I would like to make this an opportunity to appreciate the efforts of our teacher to make the classes continue every week in great spirit, despite the minor technological issues that troubled us.
French 1

It is a good solution under the current circumstances. Online classes mean we just needed to open up our laptops and we were right away in school. The platform used for these lessons was also good allowing to break the class into smaller groups. The teacher is really good and tried to do the most regardless of the changing circumstances we faced during this course. Whenever there were technical problems she found alternative solutions and tried to do the lessons interesting by adding different resources like songs and games.
Dutch 1

I cannot stress enough how amazing the teacher was. She went above and beyond in the classroom, even when we had to switch to online classes. She is not only an amazing teacher because of her intelligence and knowledge in the field, but also because of her constant cheery attitude and warmth. She was always fun to be around and I definitely learned a lot. Because of her I feel much more comfortable with Dutch. She was always available through email for questions, she even gave me movie suggestions! I really cannot say enough how valuable she was to my learning and what an amazing teacher she is.
Dutch 1

Online classes were very dynamic and interesting. We could practice all skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing). The connection was good and I did not face any problems.
The teacher is very well organised and knowledgeable. She can quickly answer any questions from students clearly and effectively. She did a remarkable job during the online classes. 
She made use of several programs and is not afraid to try new ideas to experiment. Her classes are very dynamic and interesting. I was most impressed with her dedication.
Dutch 4

I find it a comfortable way of learning, you have contact with everyone, just like in the class room. You can ask many questions if needed and get the answers. We were able to work in groups and see all the materials. 
Italian 1

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