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Green Bikes & Repair Points

Bikes are one of the most sustainable ways of travel which use should be promoted by the University.

Currently, we are working on three initiatives which would strongly motivate students and staff to use the bike more often. Firstly, we propose the University installs Bike repair points near the University buildings. They enable students and staff to do minor repairs of their bike, helped by QR code available instructions. Repairing your own bike, without the need to buy expensive tools, would make people aware of the value of your bike and motivate it’s use!

Secondly, for the more extensive repairs we propose central Bike shops where students and staff can have their bike repaired. The future university should offer this service to make sure people can have their bike repaired at the same place they go to everyday. Lastly, the most ambitious initiative is the bike lending service named: Green Bikes. On some faculties, staff have the possibility to use a University bike to go from one faculty to the other. These bikes are however poorly maintained and lacks University-wide acceptance. We propose a more centralised system of Green Bikes, which staff can use at any faculty, with an universal design, and no need to bring back to the prior location.

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