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Ecosia at Leiden University

The Leiden University Green Office has some great news: you can now make the most environmentally-friendly search engine - Ecosia - your default on a public LU computer!

Together with the ISSC, we have made this opportunity available on all Leiden University computers that you can find at one of our many locations. With Ecosia, every few searches lead to you planting a tree! The easiest impact to environmental sustainable you could think of.
Ecosia is a social business, which uses its profit for planting trees. Its revenue comes from non-personalized ads that you get with your search. All profit is used to either compensate the emissions that come from the data centers running the search, or to plant trees. The projects of Ecosia are located at biodiversity hotspots throughout the world - to make the most out of your tree. Up untill June 2019, they managed to plant already 60 million trees because of people just using their search engine! If you want to read more about Ecosia: https://info.ecosia.org/about 
And of course, you can also start using Ecosia yourself! It is a great way to do nothing and reduce CO2 emissions by just continuing with daily life. Make sure to install Ecosia to your browser here: https://www.ecosia.org/ 

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