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Sustainable Career Event

Wednesday 24 March 2021

Have you ever wondered how you can have a career in sustainability as a student of Humanities or Social Sciences? Well, look no further!

We invite you to join our Sustainable Career Event. It will be on the 24th of March, from 19.00 till 20.30. To sign-up, click the link below.

What can you expect from the Sustainable Career Event?

This online Career Event will allow students from the field of Humanities and Social Sciences to get in touch and learn about various organisations who are passionate about isses of Climate Change and Sustainability.

As a student, you can sign-up to attend talks from different organisations seeking individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in sustainability. 

You will also get a chance to ask questions and build a network for your future career.

We're looking forward seeing you there.


19:00-19:20 Emma de Bree (anthropology), consultant sustainable mobility at EVConsult

19:20-19:40 Gebke van Gaal (psychology) and Ivo van Spronsen (American Studies), members of the city council and part of the committee for Leefbaarheid en Bereikbaarheid (“Liveability and Accessibility”) that also deals with sustainability 

19:40-20:00 Luca Goossens (psychology, journalism), consultant at The Terrace, an agency for strategy and communication on sustainability 

20:00-20:20 Wieneke Maris, from Teachers for Climate, which is an organisation that helps teachers to integrate sustainability into education

20:20-20:40 Jetteke van der Schatte Olivier, Sustainable Development Goals House (part of the KIT Royal Tropical Institute) and their traineeship


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