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Remodeling Environments

CADS Sustainability and Digitalization researchers participate in LIMITS conference

On occasion of the 2022 Computing within Limits conference some members of the Food Citizens? Team joined in in the combined efforts of two of the research clusters of Leiden’s Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (CADS), namely the Sustainability cluster and the Digitalization cluster. The result of our collective writing is a paper on Anthropological Perspectives on the Limits of Computational Models and here you can find a review of the Computing with Limits conference 2022 by Jonny Hankins.

Encouraging local hubs

The conference was held online and around the clock allowing multiple participants to join in from disparate parts of the globe, while at the same time encouraging local ‘hubs’ to log in in person and to share discussion and presentations in a collective manner. One such hub was VARIA in Rotterdam which also hosted CADS researchers on day one of the conference, while viceversa the Limits of Computational Models paper was presented from CADS home at Leiden University.

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