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CARES is currently starting up. The first two projects have already been started.

Lugudnomycins, Helga van der Heul

Helga van der Heul, MSc, started her PhD project on an entirely novel class of antibiotics, named Lugdunomycins. A more extensive project description will follow soon.

In the vacancies section, we will post job openings at CARES.

Medical Microbiology - Job opening just closed

Soon a PhD student will start in the Department of Medical Microbiology, working within the Clostridium difficile group. The project will be on the multi-protein complex responsible for the replication of DNA and the regulators of its activity. A combination of genetic, molecular biological, biochemical, and cell biological techniques will be used and the work will be linked to that of researchers, both national and international, studying the biochemistry of replication proteins, and employing state-of-the art genome analyses.

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