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Open Science Coffee: Direct publishing as an answer to problems in scholarly publishing

Thursday 9 February 2023
An open OSCoffee for anyone to join!


Direct publishing as an answer to problems in scholarly publishing


Academic publishing is problematic. It is slow and costs a fortune. The decision process about article acceptance is Kafkaesque, and ultimately most journal articles disappear behind pay walls.

But preprint services enable fast open publishing, journal independent peer review services make peer review transparent and diamond journals could circulate the articles within specific audiences. All these academic services are free of charge.

Why don’t we use them? This question will be addressed in this OSCoffee, open to all!


To join this meeting you can do two things:
1. For Leiden affiliated: Join the OSCL Teams, and navigate to the 'Open Science Coffee Leiden' channel; there you can join the live meeting. You can then also check-out the rest of the OSCL channels and interesting discussions of members. If you also become a member of OSCL, you can opt in to receive our newsletter and other interesting updates, and you will get a member profile, so other members can find you and see your interests in Open Science
2. Directly join the meeting on from 14:00 by clicking this link

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