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Here are our community managers, representatives and founding members (feel free to approach us!):


Community managers

  • Anna van 't Veer Assistant professor FSW, Methodology and Statistics in Psychology

    I'm a researcher, teacher and community manager to further responsible research methods and research(er) integrity. Next to OSCL community manager, I am also the chair of the board of the network of Dutch Open Science Communities (OSC-NL). @OSCLeiden. 

  • Ana Parrón Cabañero PhD candidate CWTS, FSW

    I’m a PhD candidate at CWTS and a member of the Open Science Lab, where we work together with OSCL on monitoring open science policies and practices at Leiden University. In my PhD, I focus on the institutionalisation of open science.

    I aim to prompt reflections on the fundamental values of open science and share these insights with the community.

  • Signe Glæsel Research Assistant FSW

    I am a research assistant and represent the OSCL via the Institute of Psychology and the department of Methodology and Statistics. My current focus is maintaining the webpage and making the OSCL more accessible to it's members. 

Representatives and Co-founders

  • Eiko Fried Associate Professor FSW

    I work as Associate Professor in clinical psychology, with a focus on methods. My goals are to improve open science practices in clinical psychology, and to build a strong local open science community where we inspire each other, learn from each other, and help each other.

  • Marcel Haas Assistant professor LUMS - campus The Hauge

    I do research (and teach a bit) on data science at the LUMC Health Campus The Hague. In the medical field, there are a lot of sensitive data issues that are used as an excuse to not work "open", which hurts the field.

  • Olga Ceran Postdoc Law

    I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Law Department, where I currently focus on academic freedom in EU law. I am interested in sustainable open science practices that help to address global inequality in research access and dissemination.

  • Katie Hudson Data steward FSW

    I am a Data Steward for the Political Science Institute, developing RDM policy and promoting Open Science there. I'm particularly interested in thinking about how 'openness' can be practiced with qualitiative data.

  • Katharina Krusselmann Researcher FGGA

    I am a researcher at the Insitute of Security and Global Affairs, working on practices to make the fields of criminology and other disciplines working with sensitive data more open.

  • Anne Urai Assistant professor FSW

    As a cognitive neuroscientist, I investigate how the brain transforms sensory information into useful decisions, and how such decisions change with experience and internal states. I am also a passionate advocate for team science, open science and reproducibility, diversity and equality in academia (and beyond), and sustainable academic practices in face of the climate crisis.

  • Bjørn Peare Bartholdy PhD candidate Archaeology

    I'm a PhD candidate dedicated to keeping my research and findings accessible, transparent, and reproducible. I enjoy exploring different ways to communicate my findings, in addition to the more conventional publishing methods.

  • Naomi Truan Assistant Professor Humanities

    As a sociolinguist, I critically explore the ways in which language reflects, reinforces, or contests social inequalities, in the online and offline worlds. I am committed to Open Science with a current focus on sharing qualitative, sensitive data, open education, and preregistrations. At Leiden University, I am the faculty representative for humanities. 

  • Thed van Leeuwen Senior researcher CWTS, FSW
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