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Research School Join-in courses 2022-2023

Research School Join-in courses are courses in a variety of topics given by other research schools. On request, such courses are accessible for members of the Research School for Medieval Studies. Course loads and number of credit points to be obtained are usually between 5 and 10 ECTS.

List per participating research school, based on MA-programs 2022-2023

  1. Posthumus
  2. Huizinga
  3. Gender Studies
  4. Political History
  5. Philosophy


Keys to the Treasure Trove: Methods and Sources in Economic and Social History
Teachers:  Dr P. Puschmann and Prof. Dr J. Kok
Course load: 5/10 ECTS
Period: semester 2


Workshop ‘Creating an annotated corpus for cultural historical research in the CLARIAH Media Suite’
Teachers: Dr N. Karrouche and Dr C. Olesen
Course load: 1 ECTS
Date: 22 March 2023

RMA Thematic course ‘Heritage and Memory Theory Seminar’
Teacher: Prof. I. Saloul
Course load: 5 ECTS
Period: semester 2

RMA Thematic course: Global History
Teacher: Dr A. Richard
Course load: 5 ECTS
Period: semester 2

Gender Studies

RMA course: Gender Studies Now
Teachers: Dr E. Hayward and Dr E. Midden
Course load: 5 ECTS
Period: semester 2

Political History

Seminar Applied History and Current Affairs
Teachers: Dr H. Kaal, Dr S. Couperus, Prof. B. de Graaf
Course load: 1 ECTS
Date: 24 February 2023


ReMa Winter School
Teachers: Prof. A. Halsema, Dr N. Klooster, Prof. J. de Ridder, Dr R. Peels, Dr T. Nawar
Course load: 2,5/3 ECTS
Period: 24-25 February 2023

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