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Anticipated format of the online ICEHL

The ICEHL committee is currently exploring the options for online formats of ICEHL.

We anticipate that the conference will take the following form:

  • Pre-recorded 20-minute-papers will be made available on a platform, accessible only by ICEHL attendees, a week prior to the conference proper, so as to allow attendees to watch papers at their own leisure and avoid 'Zoom fatigue'.
  • On the days of the conference, speakers will be able to give 5-minute live pitches about their papers and these will be followed by 10-minute live discussions. These live sessions will be moderated and take place in an online form (e.g., Zoom, Teams or Kaltura).
  • Note: The workshops may have a different format and the keynote lectures will be live-streamed during the conference.

We hope to confirm the fee of the conference, as well as decide on the actual format by March 2021.

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