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The 21st International Conference on English Historical Linguistics will be held from 7 to 11 June 2021 at Leiden University.

ICEHL — The International Conference on English Historical Linguistics — has a respectable history. Starting in Durham, in 1979, its twenty-first edition takes place this year in Leiden. This overview was published on the website of ICEHL-20. The original idea was to have the conference every two years, interchangeably in the UK and on the Continent. The list shows that this hasn’t always been the case, but maybe this idea can be revived again in the future. Who knows the conference will return to the UK again after its edition in Leiden?

History of the ICEHL

The first International Conference on English Historical Linguistics took place in Durham, in 1979. It was to be held at two-yearly intervals, alternately in Britain and on the continent of Europe, a rule that was later relaxed, as this list shows:

ICEHL-1, 1979, Durham
ICEHL-2. 1981, Odense
ICEHL-3, 1983, Sheffield
ICEHL-4, 1985, Amsterdam
ICEHL-5, 1987, Cambridge
ICEHL-6, 1990, Helsinki
ICEHL-7, 1992, Valencia
ICEHL-8, 1994, Edinburgh
ICEHL-9, 1996, Poznan
ICEHL-10, 1998, Manchester
ICEHL-11, 2000, Santiago de Compostela
ICEHL-12, 2002, Glasgow
ICEHL-13, 2004, Vienna
ICEHL-14, 2006, Bergamo
ICEHL-15, 2008, Munich
ICEHL-16, 2010, Pécs
ICEHL-17, 2012, Zurich
ICEHL-18, 2014, Leuven
ICEHL-19, 2016, Essen
ICEHL-20, 2018, Edinburgh
ICEHL-21, 2021, Leiden
ICEHL-22, ?, Sheffield

(Based on the overview on the website of ICEHL20)

Blog for ICEHL-21

For updates and anecdotes of ICEHL's history, follow the ICEHL-21 blog here.

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