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The WIIS network is about the advancement of women's leadership. To best accomplish our mission, we need subscribers like you. As a dues-paying subscribers of Women In International Security (WIIS), you will have the ability to contribute to the WIIS Blog, receive WIIS this Week, access and post to the Jobs Hotline, Gain Visibility and connect with the WIIS Global Online network.

The WIIS Global network facilitates women's advancement in the field of international peace and security. To further this network and mission, WIIS needs affiliates and subscribers like you.

As a subscribers of WIIS, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Advance your career through the WIIS Jobs and Events Hotlines. Receive regular updates on job openings, internships, fellowships, grants, and training programs.
  • Connect with leaders in your field through the WIIS Global Network. Locate WIIS subscribers worldwide. Join a chapter or affiliate. Receive invitations to WIIS events.
  • Elevate your professional profile by having your publications and accomplishments featured on the WIIS Global site.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of policy discussions through WIIS events, publications, and online resources.
  • Contribute to the debate by posting commentary on current events and trends.
  • Publishing op-eds, and articles on the WIIS blog.
  • Mentoring future leaders in the international security field.


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The WIIS-Global mailing list provides the latest news on gender parity and women's leadership. For access to the WIIS professional network and to support WIIS in full, subscribe today!

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