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Welcome to the WIIS Netherlands blog!

We publish articles on multiple issues connected to women in international security.  We are interested in blogs that involve women and traditional security topics such as terrorism and counterterrorism, defence, peacekeeping, national security, intelligence, policing, collective security institutions such as NATO and the UNSC, and regional organizations such as the EU, the African Union and ASEAN.  Our conception of security is very broad and includes all aspects of human security including the environment, health, disaster risk reduction, humanitarian assistance, development, crime, and economics.

Cross-cutting issues for us are the women peace and security agenda (WPS) and Global South perspectives on any topic related to women and international security.

Additionally we recognize insecurity for women occurs in both private and public spaces and the false dichotomy of war and peace.  Women’s security therefore is a continuum; insecurity and violence can be encountered in all aspects of life.  We will therefore always consider articles for publication that discuss how insecurity occurs in the private as well as the public space.


We value well-written articles written from practitioners, researchers, policymakers, diplomats, students and the general public. Occasionally we will publish blogs written by our subscribers on issues related to security but not specifically about women.

If you have a blog in mind and you want to check our interest, feel free to reach out to our blog editor with your idea (see below).

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