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WIIS-Netherlands (WIIS-NL) is an affiliate of WIIS Global. WIIS-NL subscribers include: professionals, civil servants, academics, NGOs, employees of international bodies and organizations, embassy staff, politicians, students, and interested members of the general public. The Chapter’s base is Leiden University in The Hague.

WIIS Netherlands (NL) is engaged in three main activities in relation to the topic of gender and security:

1. Awareness raising

Building Public Awareness of Gender and Security

WIIS NL is primarily focused on raising awareness of the nexus between gender and security, specifically: the women peace and security agenda (WPS Agenda); and gendered insecurities within the Netherlands and Europe.  Our awareness-raising activities include public talks, roundtables and discussions on critical international security issues, which include: terrorism, peace and conflict, gender-based violence (GBV), crime, climate change, disaster relief, and development. Explore our events section to see the kinds of topics we have covered in the past.

2. Research

WIIS NL is committed to identifying issues for research that are less visible in public debates. Our aim is to augment societal change by bringing attention to aspects of gender and security that may have been missed or neglected. In this way we aim to engage with an audience that includes politicians, policymakers, practitioners and the general public within the Netherlands and Europe.

3. Networking

The purpose of WIIS NL is to act as a focal point for women and men interested in gender and security and `practitioners working in areas related to international security. Through our networking drinks (borrels) and speaker events we provide an environment in which WIIS NL members can meet and network. Join WIIS NL today to obtain full access to our networking events.

These three activities are interconnected in that they contribute to our overall objective of placing gender front and centre of debates on international security.

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