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Mission statement

The main aim of WIIS-NL is to advance understanding in the Netherlands of the need for greater gender equality in international security. Security is broadly defined here as traditional and non-traditional including human security.

This aim includes the following objectives:

  1. To promote greater gender equality in security institutions in the Netherlands and Europe as well as institutions that partly deal with security issues
  2. To connect practitioners, policy makers and academics in the Netherlands to achieve this goal
  3. To educate and inform general audiences in the Netherlands about the importance of gender balancing and gender equality in international security.

The chapter holds monthly meetings and events during the Academic year (September – June) at Leiden University and other locations in The Hague, the Netherlands.  The chapter commnicates with subscribers through email; its social media presence and the chapter’s webpage to share information on a regular basis.  The WIIS-NL Chapter seeks to provide a structured and regular forum for subscribers based in the Netherlands to explore and discuss the current role women play in international security, the need for greater gender equality in international security, and the political and social changes required to further this goal.

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